Durable jack wheel type SHF4-01 for small machines

High quality jack wheel with turnable fork, solid rubber wheel and handle with lock


Type: SHF4-01

Item no.: 010-04501-1

Spindle stroke: 100 mm

Ajusting guide: inner tube stamped with scala as standard

Outer tube: 45x45 mm

Inner tube: 35x35 mm

Spindle: TR20x4 mm

Surface treatment: blue electro galvanised passivated

​​Hjul: Solid rubber wheel ø235x65 mm

Capacity: max. 275 kgs @ 16 km/h

Console: ​KF3-01


Measure sketch

Spare parts drawing SHF4-01

​Where there is need for a durable tires and puncture resistant drive, solid rubber wheels should be used. Our standard solid wheels are of a relatively hard rubber composition. We can different types of solid rubber wheels in various compositions. There are tires with a flat or almost flat surface which ensure a gentle pressure in the driving substrate. There are also durable tires with a soft core, for a more comfortable ride. The last mentioned is the most expensive.

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The jack wheel is shown with a 10” fork, but is also available with forks in sizes: 8", 10 ", 12", 13" and even also in 16"

Please contact us to be advised about the possibilities.

Shall the support wheel be welded onto the machine and / or must be the same color as the machine, then select the support wheel with red rapitix primer coating.

# All our jack wheels are fitted with spindles with roller thread which is 100 % greased during the assembling!

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