Hydraulic hand pump with 2 x safety valves, type HPT-OTVS​

If you need a hydraulic hand pump to your hydraulic cylinder the following combination of cylinder sizes and ​strokes are suitable for this hydraulic hand pump type HPT-OTVS:

Strong and durable hydraulic hand pump with pressure and safety control valves.

HPT OTVS has built-in pressure relief valves which prevents pumping with greater force than set. At the same time the pump has the feature that if the load exceeds a specified limit, then a flow limited relief valve will be activated.

For example if a crane-arm maximum may lift 500 kg and attempting to lift 550 kg, then the pump pressure will activate the relief valve. Also if a crane arm should be loaded with more than permissible, then the crane arm will automatically be lowered safe and easy.

Oil reservoir capacity: 1.1 L (the pump is not delivered oil filled)

Pump volume: 11 cm3

Pump pressure relief valve interval: 50 - 350 bar

Load pressure relief valve interval: 50 - 350 bar

Surface treatment: zink/iron silver passivated + sealer

Console: KU1-01

( #Before taking the pump in use, please turn the little shiny screw in the white cap 3600 counter clockwise to ensure a free oil-flow!)see instructions!

Hydraulic pumps from A/S Thor-Lem with and without Oil reservoir. Many opportunities in valves, fittings, functions etc. A/S Thor-Lem delivers strong quality at low price and with fast delivery.

Our hydraulic hand pumps are used for example as emergency pumps and other minor pumping tasks such as in locking systems.

If you have special requirements or important specifications, then we can offer customised solutions that fit into your needs. For example we can design new valve bodies and integrate multiple valves or functions.

Contact us and let us find a good solution for you.

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