Hydraulic hand pump, type HP-DV25​ double acting (18.7 cm3)

Unique hydraulic double acting hand pump with a patented system that prevents vacuum in the cylinder when externally activated.

HP-DV25 hand pump is a double-acting hand pump which is based on more than 30 years of experience with the so-called cylinder pump. The design stems from the principle of simplicity in view of a reliable pump with a long life.

With a 25 mm diameter pump piston, the HP-DV25-01 hand pump delivers 18.7 cm3 each pump stroke and is thus quick and efficient in operation. HP-DV25-01 is easily mounted and has great operational advantages that you will not find in other systems.

With HP-DV25-01 the cylinder can be activated externally without pumping. Vacuum does not occur and the cylinder runs smoothly and controlled.

Pump Piston: Ø 25 mm (AISI 304L)

Pump vol.: 18.7 cm3 per stroke

Directional Control Valve: + Out, - Stop / blocked, - Return

Achievable pump pressure: 200 bar

Max working pressure: 350 bar

Surface treatment: Zinc / iron silver passivated + sealer

Hydraulic pumps from A/S Thor-Lem with and without Oil reservoir. Many opportunities in valves, fittings, functions etc. A/S Thor-Lem delivers strong quality at low price and with fast delivery.

Our hydraulic hand pumps are used for example as emergency pumps and other minor pumping tasks such as in locking systems.

If you have special requirements or important specifications, then we can offer customised solutions that fit into your needs. For example we can design new valve bodies and integrate multiple valves or functions.

Contact us and let us find a good solution for you.

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Above you see an example of combination of double acting hydraulic hand pump connected to a double acting hydraulic cylinder with oil reservoir. In this way you can have a compact pump in front and a hidden oil reservoir.

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