014-06001-1 Twin jack wheel for Combine Head Trailers

Strong and durable high quality jack wheel with twin fork wheel.

To be used for example in the field with a softer substrate to avoid the wheels to "dive" in the earth / sand due to the high bearing capacity. For example used on combine head trailers and other land machines.

Other type of combinations of fork and wheels are optional, please contact us for further information of possibilities. 

Item no..: 014-06001

Spindle stroke: 200 mm

Outer tube: 60x60 mm

Inner tube: 50x50 mm

Spindle: TR22x5 mm

Surface treatment: Blue electro galvanised passivated

Consoles: ​KF1, KF2, KF4 and KF5

Lock for handle: ​LF1

Wheels: 2 pcs solid rubber wheels Ø 260x80 mm

Load capacity: max. 550 kgs @ 16 km/h

Measure sketch

Spare parts drawing

Where there is need for a durable tires and puncture resistant drive, solid rubber wheels should be used. Our standard solid wheels are of a relatively hard rubber composition. We can different types of solid rubber wheels in various compositions. There are tires with a flat or almost flat surface which ensure a gentle pressure in the driving substrate. There are also durable tires with a soft core, for a more comfortable ride. The last mentioned is the most expensive.

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The jack wheel is shown with a 10” fork, but is also available with forks in sizes: 8", 10 ", 12", 13" and even also in 16"

Please contact us to be advised about the possibilities.

Shall the support wheel be welded onto the machine and / or must be the same color as the machine, then select the support wheel with red rapitix primer coating.

# All our jack wheels are fitted with spindles with roller thread which is 100 % greased during the assembling!

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