Hydraulic hand pump with oil reservoir, type HPT1-01

hpt1-01 og hpt2-01 1

Hydraulic hand pump with oil reservoir and relief valve

Type: HPT1-01

Item no.: 041-00101-2

The hydraulic hand pumpe type HPT1-01 is our standard hand pump with oil reservoir. HPT1-01 is single acting and has a manual lever for the relief valve.

Volume: 11 cm3 per stroke

Achievable pressure: 400 bar

Max. working pressure: 350 bar

Connection: 1/4" BSP

Oil reservoir: 1.1 L

Console: KU1-01

Surface treatment: yellow electro galvanised passivated

Measure sketch

Spare parts drawing

( #When our pumps leave our factory the air bleed screw cap is always closed.

It is therefore important for this to be open when the pump is mounted.

If this does not done, vacuum will occur in the oil tank and the functional pump quality will be significantly degraded.


Hold the plug with a 17 mm wrench or similar and take a flathead screwdriver and turn the little shiny screw 360 degrees counter clockwise.

The air will then be able to pass through the cap unobstructed and the pump will perform with the required functionality.

This applies to all our pump types with oil reservoir!)

Hydraulic pumps from A/S Thor-Lem with and without Oil reservoir. Many opportunities in valves, fittings, functions etc. A/S Thor-Lem delivers strong quality at low price and with fast delivery.

Our hydraulic hand pumps are used for example as emergency pumps and other minor pumping tasks such as in locking systems.

If you have special requirements or important specifications, then we can offer customized solutions that fit into your needs. For example we can design new valve bodies and integrate multiple valves or functions.

Contact us and let us find a good solution for you.

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